Worker worried about unemployment

Information on New Unemployment Laws for Workers and Small Businesses

During these unprecedented times, workers are faced with the unfortunate event of being laid off by small business owners due to a stay at home order. If this is your case, we highly suggest you apply for unemployment. 

As a small business, we’re worried about taking care of our employees. That being said, we’ve been looking into unemployment laws for workers and small businesses. 

Disclaimer: unemployment laws aren’t our specialty, however, we’ve been able to gain a substantial amount of knowledge about it and are eager to pass on what we’ve learned.

Worker worried about unemployment

What You Should Know About Unemployment

Here in Missouri, if you get laid off, you’re eligible to apply for unemployment. If your application for unemployment gets accepted, you’ll get Missouri’s benefits and receive about $600 each week in federal unemployment benefits that are paid directly by the federal government. 

The state of Missouri won’t alter or change those unemployment benefits, so you shouldn’t worry about a loss of income once you are accepted. Applying for unemployment may give you financial stability during this pandemic period. 

You’re eligible for unemployment if…

  • You have temporarily or permanently lost your job or had your hours reduced due to COVID-19.
  • You were recommended by a healthcare authority to avoid contact with others.
  • You were ordered not to come to your workplace due to the outbreak.
  • You have children whose classes or daycare got canceled, so you have to request time off to care for your children.  

Now if you’re a small business, there’s a law that was passed by the federal government called, Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. What this law does for your business is it gives you unemployment benefits through the end of July. 

As a small business, you’re eligible for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance if your business has been closed due to something related to Coronavirus. As of today, the unemployment benefits on Missouri’s website has yet to update more about this particular law. 

However, the website did say that they’re looking into it and will update the website soon. 

Apply for Unemployment Now

We hope that after reading this, you will take action to apply for unemployment. We hope everyone is healthy and doing well. If you would like more information on unemployment laws, don’t hesitate to reach out to Bearden Law or call us: (816)-787-1979

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