Missouri Record Expungement Attorneys

Missouri Record Expungement Attorneys

If you were arrested or have police records that you would like to make disappear, you can have Missouri records expunged with the help of Missouri Criminal Defense Attorneys. Record expungement means the contents of your file are either sealed, destroyed or unable to be viewed permanently.

Clean Your Record with Missouri Expungement Attorneys
Clean your Record with Missouri Expungement Attorneys. Call (816) 256-8647

You must apply for  Missouri expungement. If the application is approved, your records can be erased and wiped clean. We are happy to discuss Missouri expungement with you and any other criminal defense questions that you may have. Call Missouri Criminal Defense Attorneys Bearden Law, now with a brand new office to serve you at (816) 787-1979

Relevant expungement procedures are based on the following.

  • First-time offenders
  • Must wait for an extended time to pass from the date of arrest and conviction date.
  • Most traffic violations or demeanors can be expunged within 3 years.
  • A commercial driver’s license takes longer.
  • Must wait 5 years for a suspended license. 
  • Older traffic/moving violations can be expunged easily through a written request to the Missouri Department of Revenue or a downloaded copy can be accessed online.
  • The petition must be submitted on a standard form
  • The petition must be filed in same county court that conviction took place
  • Application of fee must be paid

In 2018, Missouri Law made it even easier for criminal record expungement.

See law summary at Sb588 

The new adjustment on the law affects people who want to make an effort to change their life after a criminal charge from their youth. There are obvious cases of people who have outgrown their mischievious past and want to move on with their life. The new law makes it easier for them to be the people they want to be.

The Missouri expungement law in the past only allowed for 13 different offenses and citizens had to wait over 20 years to apply. The current law now allows for 1900 offenses and only 3 years to apply. Felonies still need to wait 7 years.

How to complete a petition for expungement.

  • Retain a copy of the petition.
  • List details specific about the incident you would like erased or sealed from your record.
  • You will need to record the date of the incident, case number, date of actual conviction.
  • The petition is sent from the Missouri Department of Revenue to the State Attorney’s office and the police department that made the arrest if an arrest was made. State Attorney and the police have the right to object the petition.
  • If the police or the State Attorney has no objections, the courts will expunge your charge
  • If the police or the State Attorney object to your petition, then a hearing will be scheduled.

Convictions not allowed for expungement. Ask your attorney for a full list.

  • Violent crimes
  • Type A felonies
  • Assaults
  • Theft
  • Sex offender crimes
  • Murder
  • Assault
  • Forgery in an election
  • Discriminate or intimidation regarding an election

Missouri Record Expungement Facts

How long does it take until my record is expunged?

It can take as little as six months but that is up to the courts based on individual cases.

Can my expungement go faster? 

With a good lawyer, expungements can move at a better pace. Courts review petitions on first-come, first-serve bases.

Can a DWI be expunged in Missouri?

Yes. After three years and if you have no other prior DUI’s or DWI’s, your record could be expunged.

Can I get an expungement for drinking as a minor?

Yes. Missouri has two major kinds of expungement. One is for criminal cases and the other one is for a minor in possession of alcohol.

Do I have to go to court for an expungement in Missouri?

Most likely, you do not have to appear in court. Our attorneys will be happy to go for you. If a court case does require your presence and you can not be there, a request will be made for your dismissal.

Will I be able to vote after my record is expunged?

Yes. The right to vote is always authorized after a sentence is discharged. If your offense was minor, you probably didn’t lose your right to vote anyway.

Bearden Law can help you expunge your record clean.

Even though there are several convictions that can not be expunged there may be a way for a good attorney to find reasoning to change your situation. If you were innocent in a felony charge or guilty, laws change often enough that you should call an attorney. Missouri Criminal Defense Attorneys at Bearden Law will do all they can to help you expunge your records. Call them today for free counseling for any reason. 

Joe and Jovanna Bearden at Missouri Criminal Defense Attorneys Bearden Law honestly understand you and will be happy to explain the law to you. They might even become like family to you. No matter what your situation is, they will kindly handle your case with care. They do not judge you on what you’ve done. It doesn’t matter where you are in life or what you’ve been through. Their job is to help, so call today. (816) 787-1979

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