Notarized Documents in Missouri

New Rules for Notarizing Documents in Missouri

If you or a loved one has been working on estate planning, there are some new rules for notarizing documents in the state of Missouri. Before we get into that, you might be wondering what a notarized document means. 

Basically, whenever you have an estate planning document like a will or a trust, it’s required to be notarized and witnessed by a notary. Typically, your notary will be physically present when you sign the document. 

However, with the state of the pandemic and social distancing, getting your document notarized has become a challenge because your notary can’t be there to witness for you. That being said, the governor of Missouri has issued an order that’s valid until May 15, 2020. 

This order allows for an electronic notary, which means that a notary can witness somebody over a video. 

Notarized documents in Missouri can be done electonically.

What You’ll Need to Know

  • You need proof of identity – you can hold up your driver’s license or other forms of identity over the video
  • This can be done over any video call – Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, etc. 
  • The notary has to be registered to give an electronic notarization 
  • The document needs to be mailed to the notary within five business days so that they can stamp it for you. They’ll mail it back afterward. 

Any Questions? 

We hope this information will save you from any potential stress with estate planning. If you have other questions in regards to estate planning, be sure to contact Bearden Law or give us a call: (816)-787-1979.

 Times are challenging these days and we want to do the best we can to help you. We hope you’re healthy and in good spirits. 

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