criminal defense

Criminal Defense

When the state takes you to court and threatens to imprison you, the stakes are high. Don’t leave your defense to chance!

At Bearden Law, if we take your case, we will work with you to develop a strategy that works for you.  The attorneys at our firm have experience working for the public defender, the Bates County Prosecutor, the Bates County Associate Circuit Judge, the 27th Circuit Presiding Judge, and even the Missouri Attorney General.  We understand the inner workings of the offices that are prosecuting you and presiding over your case.

If your Constitutional rights have been violated, we will use that in your defense.  If you are not guilty, we will fight to exonerate you.  If you are guilty, we will do everything in our power to work with the prosecutor and the court to arrange a sentence which will help you repair your ties to the community without destroying your future.

As with all other areas of practice, we do what we can to keep our rates reasonable.  For most criminal cases, this means that if you just want us to work with the prosecutor to get you the best possible deal, we only charge for discovery review and negotiation.  If you need us to represent you at a preliminary hearing, and then again later at trial, we can charge separate fees for those.  We also offer package deals at the beginning of your case which is cheaper than the sum of the parts.  This will let you know upfront what your case is going to cost without the risk that the fee is going to increase if you end up needing more help.

As with all cases, please do not hesitate to come to talk with us about it.  We want to make sure you are educated about your legal options, and we don’t charge you to talk through your case.