wills and estates

Wills and Estate Planning

Protecting your legacy requires your careful attention.  It is easy to assume that the probate court will work in the best interest of your loved ones after you are gone, but too often, the court is bound by legal restrictions and must follow the state legislature’s prescriptions.  Even in the best case, your estate will be tied up in court for six months but could stretch out much longer.

Your case is as unique as your situation.  Whether you choose Bearden Law or another attorney, get expert help for your estate planning.  Make sure that your assets are distributed the way you want them to be and that they are not tied up in court when your loved ones need them the most!

You are not too young to plan your will. Bearden Law Firm will prepare your will and estate directives easily and fast.

Most people think they are too young or do not have “enough” things or money to have a plan. What they may not realize is that merely being alive means that they do indeed have an estate.

If there is an accident or unexpected illness, the family is forced to make arrangements and clean up whatever the person left behind, which can be devastating without a plan. This can cost exceptionally more than it would have been just to have made a plan.

A court appointee will sign your documents for you if you are disabled and can not mentally or physically be present. The court will decide where and how your assets will be used. Your family will lose the full power of attorney. It is entirely public, more expensive, and time-consuming.

If death occurs and you are married with children, the state will manage where they go. Although your assets go to your spouse and children, it’s typically a small fraction that may not be enough for the family to live. The court will control the children’s inheritance and who will inherit them.

Bearden Law Firm takes the utmost care and concern involved with estate planning. It’s recommended to work with Kansas City, MO expert attorneys at Bearden Law Firm because they excel at the valuable information and skills that most people don’t have. They will help you create the proper documentation that includes the power of attorney, health care proxy, and the will. 

What is the difference between a will and a trust?

A will goes into effect after a person is deceased. A will consists of specific instructions that inform what assets are to be distributed and to whom. It is the legal document that appoints where your things, property, money, and assets will go. The will tells who gets what. 

Bearden Law Firm will also designate a power of attorney. A will must pass through probate. This means the will has to be approved by a court of law. The court administration has to make sure the will is processed accordingly, and the person’s directives followed. Only the will can direct funeral arrangements and guardianship.

Trust goes into effect as soon as it is written. A trust can distribute items before a person dies. A trust could be a bank or law firm that assumes a “trustee.” The “trustee” can hold property titles and regulate the division of property to beneficiaries and other assets. Trusts do not need to pass through probate and can remain private. Trust directs how bills or debts are paid.

Only Bearden Law Firm attorneys can help you compassionately and with the expertise that you deserve. You can trust Joe and Jovanna Bearden to give you the guidance and tools to plan your will and trust. Call now for your consultation. (816) 787-1979