Wills and Estate Planning

Concerned About Your Future in Uncertain Times?


Making final arrangements for a loved one is difficult. Get help from Bearden Law Firm if you are concerned about your future in uncertain times. They can help you write down who would get your assets in case the worst happens.

Bearden Law Firm understands the burden and financial strain that people endear while losing a family member. These specialized trained attorneys know how to deal with medical expenses, personal expenses, taxes, wills, and estate settlements.

Elderly couple consulting a lawyer about wills and estate planning.

Estate planning is an organized plan of control that takes everything that is owned (assets) when a person dies, divides it properly, and is distributed to those in the family, or to whomever they designated it to go. Most of which is the least amount paid towards the taxes, court costs, and legal fees. Estate planning consists of detailed instructions on who will receive what and when.

Estate planning includes these services.

  • Family Law Support
  • Appointment of Executors
  • Understanding and establishing advanced health care directives
  • Guardianships
  • Will contestment, or undue influence
  • Estate and trust administration
  • Probate representation
  • Communications on the Estate legal process during a patient’s health decline is dying, has passed on, and postmortem estate planning

Estate Planning is a complicated process, but the expert attorneys at Bearden Law Firm will make it easier for you.

Losing a person is hard enough, but paying their bills, accessing medical care, maintaining you and your family is a necessity, and you’ll need assistance during and after your loved one passes.

If you are healthy, then now is the time to prepare your will and estate, so your family does not have to go through a struggle with your finances and personal items if something happens to you accidentally.