Zero Down Bankruptcy in Missouri

Zero Down Bankruptcy in Missouri

Holidays and debts do not mix. You want to buy presents, but at this present moment, you can’t really afford a cup of coffee. Make this year the year you are not borrowing from family members over the holidays. If you are in Missouri, then Bearden Law Firm has a solution for you. Why not clear all your debt, pay what you owe, start new in 2020, and file your bankruptcy with zero down?

Bearden Law will pay the filing fees and casework for no money down.
Bearden Law will file your bankruptcy in Missouri with zero down.

Give yourself a holiday gift of financial freedom when you sit down with Missouri Zero-down bankruptcy attorneys at Bearden Law. People do not file for Chapter 7 during the holidays because they need their cash. Before the holidays, it is an excellent time to file because you don’t pay anything now and can keep your extra cash for presents. When the new year begins, your credit will improve, and you can start payments.

Bearden Law will pay the filing fees and casework for no money down. A debtor’s first payment is required within 30 days of signing the Payment Authorization, but through the end of 2019, you can make the 1st payment on the later of 30 days or January 3, 2020.

Bearden Law will help establish and rebuild your credit with an easy payment plan explained by Jovanna Bearden.

“I sign a contract with my client after their case is filed, and they agree to pay me their attorney fees over the next 12 months. This lets them file the case and stop garnishments and bills so they can afford to pay me. The payments are auto-debited from a bank account, and I report timely payments on a credit report, so it helps them rebuild their credit as well.”

Our firm has helped Missouri bankruptcy clients with $0-down bankruptcy filing. The consultation is free. The phone call is free. All initial consultations are free.

Bankruptcy and filing for bankruptcy protection is a right of every U.S. citizen, and it was put in effect to help you survive any financial crisis or extreme debt or struggling credit score.

The secure $0-down Bearden Bankruptcy program includes

  • Help to anyone who can not pay legal fees upfront.
  • Freedom to erase debt for free
  • Freedom from all debt collectors for free
  • Freedom to end all debt collector phone calls for free
  • Freedom to end all debt collector emails and regular mail for free
  • Freedom to eliminate debts and garnishments for free
  • Freedom to stop auto repossession or property repossession for free

After evaluation of debt and overall finances, The attorneys at Bearden will advise you with the best plan of action to get you in a safe, secure debt-free zone. Qualify for the financial program or decide which chapter is right for you.

  1. Call $0-down Missouri bankruptcy experts at Bearden Law- (816) 787-1979
  2. Make low payment arrangements for post-filing work to be paid after 2020.
  3. Have enough money left over to buy your family presents.
  • File Now Pay Later
  • True $0.00 down to file 
  • No Interest
  • Low weekly or monthly payments AFTER your case is filed
  • No payments for 30 days after filing
  • Court filing fees included

The easiest thing you can do for your financial well-being is to call Jovanna Bearden. The Bearden Law Firm understands the problems that bring a person into their office. They want to help you feel better. Call today (816) 787-1979 or visit 435 Nichols Rd. Suite 200, Kansas City, Missouri 64112.

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